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Wedding Budget Spreadsheet | Plan your costs, guest list and venue | Excel full planner template bundle

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet | Plan your costs, guest list and venue | Excel full planner template bundle

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Create a wedding plan you're proud of.. even if you've never used Excel. This spreadsheet lets you see your costs, guests and venues clearly with live dashboards that appear and organise automatically as you type.

How do I use it?
- Your download opens in Microsoft Excel, and it's designed to be as simple as possible so there's absolutely no settings / buttons to click. All of the stats, pictures and graphs update automatically as you type or change things like guest names, cost types and amounts (arrows on the pages show you where to type these). If you're stuck, if it doesn't look like the listing pictures, or anything doesn't feel right, just message me on this app and I'll personally respond. I want this product to help you create a wedding plan you're proud of - if we can't get it working as you'd like I'll gladly offer you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

How can I customize it?
- The whole file is yours to customize as you like. There's no locked cells or password protection, so you can change any fonts to match your vibe or any colors to match your wedding color scheme.

Does this work with Google Sheets?
- No, but a similar version, designed to work with Google Sheets, is now available in this shop. You can find it in the 'Google Sheets' section - look for the G icon in the bottom left.

What's included:

Costs page
- Add your budget then see where your money's going with a colourful visualization that re-organizes and changes as you type in new costs
- It's flexible and all linked to the guests information on the next page. So if you type 'Drinks package' for '$50' and 'per adult', the page calculates the total cost based on how many adults are on your guest list. This updates by itself if you add or remove more guest names

Guests list page
- Add your guests' names and give each a category and priority ('Sophie', 'colleagues', 'backup')
- The diagram organises people icons into the groups you choose, and color-codes them by priority
- This lets you see your guest list and make sure you've got the right balance

Venue page
- Helps you set out all your thoughts on one page, and choose between different options based on what matters to you:
1. List venues you're choosing between across the top
2. Type in the things that matter (like 'Convenient', 'Cancellation policy' - add whatever you like)
3. Choose how important each one is (select 'Not important', 'Pretty important', 'Deal breaker' etc from the drop-down menu)
4. Give each venue a score from 1 to 5, on each criteria (a perfect menu scores 5/5, only average food might be a 2/5)
5. The page calculates and highlights your ideal choice

Summary dashboard page
- Automatically linked to each the other pages, this page ties all the key numbers and diagrams together in one place.
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