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NEW Seating Chart App | SEATBREEZE | Guest list to dream wedding seating plan in 5 minutes

NEW Seating Chart App | SEATBREEZE | Guest list to dream wedding seating plan in 5 minutes

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SEATBREEZE takes your list of guests and turn it into a full, beautiful seating layout you can be proud of, totally customized to your needs. It's ridiculously easy to use. 5 minutes and it's done!

How do I use it?
Your instant download opens in Microsoft Excel. Then:
1. Type in your list of guest names (or copy and paste them in)
2. Click on 'Add Guests' - name-cards for each guest appear on screen
3. Choose a table shape (rectangle, circle etc) and number of seats, click 'Add Table' - a table setting appears on screen
4. Click and drag, rotate, or swap guests and tables around for your perfect layout.
5. Click 'Create list', and a list of names pops up, ready to print or share with your venue or wedding planner.

Added visual features:
Optionally, add extra detail next to the guests for easier color-coded organizing. SEATBREEZE automatically color-codes the name tags:
- Click 'RSVP' to add a dotted line around guests who are still to confirm their attendance (or click again to remove this)
- Click 'Bride/Groom' to shade guests from the bride's side of the aisle one color and the groom's side another (or click again to switch all back to white color)
- Click 'Vegetarian' to add a small green 'V' icon inside the name-tags of vegetarians or vegans (or click again to hide).

- The whole seating plan is yours to customize as you like. You can change any fonts or box sizes, or pick any colors to match your wedding color scheme.

Will it work on my computer?
- Your download is an Excel file which requires Microsoft Excel installed on your PC. It opens just like a normal spreadsheet. The file is yours to instantly download and keep forever - no signups or websites to join, and no upsells.
- Sorry, not available for Google Sheets, Excel Online, or Excel for Mac (for now). This requires Excel installed on your PC.
- If this app doesn't work on your PC, doesn't look like the product photos and videos, or doesn't help you create your dream seating layout quickly and easily, I'll give a full refund right away with no questions asked. Alternatively, please reach out with a message! I really want this app to help you with the exact seating plan you want, so if something's missing I'll do my best to help out.
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